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Product List

Each of our products has a price calculator which allows you to choose all the options and get an immediate price.

Framed Mirror TV – Includes everything preassembled and ready to hang on your wall.

Dielectric Mirror – The special glass can be purchased by itself in any size you need for your project.

Gym Smart Mirror – Just like a regular mirror, designed to closely match existing mirrors.

Vanity Mirror TV – Complete system which includes a slim television built into the smart mirror glass. Designed to your exact specifications and ready to hang on the wall.

Vanity Mirror – Smart mirror glass can be purchased by itself for a custom project.

Framed Mirror TV Kit – Transform your current TV into a mirror TV with the frame of your choice.

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Phone: 419-787-4526

Fax: 419-754-2327

Address: 5232 Airport Hwy, Toledo OH 43615

Sales Team:

James Baker – (419) 787-4526

Krista Kelly – (419) 461-0710

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