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The Dielectric Mirror is the ultimate tv mirror for Framed Mirror TV installations. It provides the clearest picture quality on the market. It features an optical grade mirror coating that turns into a mirror when the TV is off. When the TV is on, you see it directly through the mirror.

Do you ever wear sunglasses while watching TV? I hope not! That is what it would look like if you put a regular Glass Two Way Mirror in front of your 4K luxury tv.

When you hold the Dielectric Mirror in the air with your hands, you see that it looks like clear glass. It is not obstructing the viewing experience in any way. Order with confidence that you are getting the best quality available. We want your TV to vanish into your decor with style... without compromising your experience!

Dielectric Mirror

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Seeing is believing. Order a sample to test it out in the comfort of your home. Simply put the mirror up to your current TV. Keep the TV on to see the display quality through the mirror. Turn the TV off to see the reflection quality.

Which Thickness Should You Purchase?

The 4mm thickness is by far the most popular thickness. It's light weight, ultra clear and best for living room and bedroom mirror tv projects where you are framing it right to the screen. The thicker Dielectric Mirror is slightly more reflective and the maximum size is larger, which is amazing for over-sized projects. Tempering is only recommended if it is needed for building code purposes.

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Unboxing Hidden Television

Unboxing Your TV Mirror

Our handy guide helps you uncrate TV mirrors with minimal effort.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend ordering it to the same size as the overall size of the TV.
We have this in stock, ready to cut and ship immediately.

Yes, we have standard sizes and stock sheets available for purchase.

Yes, you can recess the TV into the wall for the mirror to sit flush to your wall. Then you can simply hang the Dielectric Mirror in front of the TV like you would a standard mirror.
The Dielectric Mirror does not hinder the display quality.
For a seamless installation, your installer or electrician can string the cables back through the wall to hide them.

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