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A dielectric mirror, also known as an optical grade beamsplitter, is a high-transparency mirror that allows flawless TV clarity through it. When the TV is turned off, it vanishes and all you see is the mirror. 

On this page, we offer custom-size pricing and step-by-step guides for how to frame your TV. We provide a price chart below for Samsung’s new Q60D, an ultra-thin model updated for 2024.

If you’re looking to make a high-quality mirror TV and want to save a ton of time and money on your project, purchasing the mirror by itself and using our guide makes it easy.

Order Sample

Want to evaluate the dielectric mirror in person? 6″x6″ samples are available for $9.95 and ship immediately. You can also see the dielectric mirror in action in our Mirror TV video gallery.

Pricing & Ordering (Samsung Q60D Series)

Size Samsung Height Width Price Order
32″ Q60D 16.8″ 28.6″ $661.91 Add To Cart
43″ Q60D 22″ 38″ $1,416.18 Add To Cart
50″ Q60D 25.4″ 44″ $1,936.36 Add To Cart
55″ Q60D 27.9″ 48.5″ $2,260.86 Add To Cart
65″ Q60D 32.7″ 57.1″ $2,968.97 Add To Cart
70″ Q60D 35.5″ 61.4″ $3,399.51 Add To Cart
75″ Q60D 37.8″ 66″ $3,399.51 Add To Cart
85″ Q60D 42.7″ 74.8″ $6,796.76 Add To Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a dielectric mirror? 

Dielectric mirrors are ideally suited for bedrooms and living rooms, where it hides your TV while providing exceptional visual clarity.  Many people make the mistake of purchasing a cheap two way mirror, later realizing they can’t see their TV and need to upgrade to a dielectric mirror. 

Choosing The Best TV & Mount
You should choose a TV that’s thin, so that it doesn’t stick way out from the wall. The latest Samsung TVs are only 1″ thick. Additionally, use an ultra slim wall mount such as the Peerless SUF660 to hold it as close to the wall as possible.

How To Measure Your TV

You can get your TV measurements  (without stand) on the manufacturer website, or you can measure the overall size of your TV using a tape measure. If you’re framing your TV, the overall size is the best size to order the mirror.

How to Secure Your TV

Your frame will fit over the mirror, securing the mirror to the television. Z-bar brackets are added to the back to hold it tight.

Framing Your TV

See It In Action

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