How To Frame Your Own TV

Hidden Television How To Fame Your Own TV Tools and Guide

Parts List

Tools List

  • Table Saw & Fine Toothed Framing Table Saw Blade
  • Chop Saw & Fine Toothed Framing Chop Saw Blade
STEP 1 - Measure & Cut
Hidden Television Measure Bezel
  • Measure - TV overall size, Bezels -top, bottom, and sides. Also the thickness of your TV.
Hidden Television Instructions
  • Measure and cut your frame sticks four inches larger than the overall size. For example, if the overall dimensions are 43" x 27" cut two frame sticks at 47" and two frame sticks at 31".
Inner Bezel Frame Cut
  • Cut the inside of your frame on the table saw to fit over the bezel of your TV.
Bezel For Hidden Television How to frame your own TV
  • Some bezels may be larger than others. Measure each top, bottom and side bezels.
Frame Stick Testing
  • Calculate the outside measurements of the frame sticks. You can do this by adding the frame width (times 2!) to the view able area of the TV. Cut your 45 degree angles. Test your cuts on the view able area of the television like in the image above.
Double check and glue mirror tv frame sticks
  • Once you've double checked your overall size, you are ready for gluing. Grab the front four sticks to begin the front of the build.
STEP 2 -Joining Your Frame
TV Frame Gluing
  • Start gluing one long stick and one short stick together.
TV Frame Gluing
  • For a tighter more seamless bond prop up the end of the long stick to bring the corners of the frame together. You can do so with a rubber shim.
TV Mirror Frame Gluing
  • Once both of your corners are together with glue, use the long clamps. Bring together all four frame sticks.
STEP 3 - The Backbuild
Hidden Television Back Build Picture Explaination
  • Here is an example of the back build we are going to create. We make this by cutting four more sticks and gluing them to the back of the frame. We completely encase the television in frame material to hide it.
Framed Mirror TV Testing
  • First test the front of your frame on top of your television. Adjust the frame with a hand held router if it does not fit.
Frame Your Own TV Guide
  • Lay the frame face down and measure the size mirror you will need. Cut and place the mirror within the frame.
How To Frame Your TV Glass
  • To measure what size back build you will need place the TV and mirror into the frame.
Measure the Back Build
  • Now we need to figure out the thickness of the back build. You will want the back of the television flush with the back of the frame. Measure that distance and make the cut.
Cut The Back Build
  • Cut your four remaining sticks the the back build thickness.
Back Build Sticks
  • Once you have all four sticks cut, take them to the chop saw to cut the forty five degree angles. The size of the sticks should be 1/16" on each stick than the front four.
Touch Up Frame
  • Add on any last minute touch ups that will blend the two sticks together. Then glue the backbuild on. For example we are using a grey furniture marker in the image above.
  • Glue on your back build pieces.
STEP 4 - The IR System & Z-Bar Hangers
IR Sensor on Framing Your Own TV
  • Find the IR sensor on your television. Some will be internal and some external. For this guide we are going to show you how account for a sensor located on the outside of the television.
Hidden Television Frame Your Own TV
  • Measure the amount of space needed to create an empty pocket for your sensor to fit. We are using a router.
IR Routing Instructions
  • Above is the finished router hole.
IR Sensor Routing
  • Place the TV back inside to test out the space you created for the sensor.
Aluminum Z Bars
  • Now we are ready for the aluminum z-bars. Place them on all 3-4 sides of the television.
Z Bar How To Frame Your TV
  • Depending on the thickness of your TV and Frame will be the size needed for your z bars. You can order them from us or from this site here.

Aluminum Channels
  • Image with all sides using the z bars. This television fit flush within the thick frame. It did not need the extra four sticks for the back build.
Mirror TV Frame Corner Brackets
  • Corner brackets to attach the front and back of the frame are optional.
Hidden Television IR System
  • IR emitter, eye, connecting block and 12volt adapter.
IR Eye Instructions
  • Once you attach the IR, let the small IR eye hang down so it can communicate with the remote.
Power The IR and Test
  • Plug in your 12volt adapter powering the system and test the television.
White Drift Wood Hidden Television Mirror TV
  • Test your television and turn off "Eco Mode". That will prevent the television from reading the light in the room. Turn up the televisions brightness and back light in more reflective environments.