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philips mirror tv
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For the perfectionist that strives for elegance and simplicity our Dielectric mirror TV wonderfully complements this chic décor without dominating the muted color scheme of this impeccably designed living area. Our mirror TV blends seamlessly with the geometric design of the room and contributes to the sleek look of the interior appointments.

Our Dielectric mirror TVs can be customized to fit the size of any area and you can add one of our custom frames to finish the look. You can see how a custom frame adds just the right touch to this simple décor and provides the appropriate accent to the luxurious leather furnishings.

When the TV is in use you can view your favorite entertainment with cutting edge high definition technology that provides a viewing experience that is unmatched in contrast with other traditional flat screen televisions. When you are finished with your viewing experience the impressive mirror instantly opens up the room to display your exquisite taste in décor.

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