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hot tub mirror tv

The problem with most mirrors is that they occupy space without a reason. If you like looking at yourself that's fine, but how about the rest of the time? What if a mirror could double as a TV? Enter the Aquos Mirror TV.  Designed for bedrooms, boardrooms, and anywhere else you’d like a stylish mirror that turns into a TV – the Aquos is a simple concept, elegant in execution: when off, the it's a fully functional mirror – but as soon as the power is turned on, the mirror disappears and reveals a stunning screen secreted behind it. The technology relies on a highly transparent, optical grade two way mirror. As soon as a light source is activated on the other side, the coating ceases to be reflective and the glass panel becomes almost completely transparent. Although neat, the smaller mirror televisions on the market lack the wow-factor of the Aquos, which allows you to benefit from the same mirrored technology in a large-screen format. Using the same lamination technology as its smaller brethren, this massive 80″ beast includes all the specifications you would expect from a top-end display: a full HD 1080p panel; multiple HDMI inputs; and a 6,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

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Product Size

TV Size Overall Width Overall Height Model
80" 77" 46" LC-80LE632U
The sizes listed are using our standard frames. Size will be slightly smaller if you are using stainless steel or a premium frame.

Pricing & Ordering

 Product Color Size Build Time Order
 Aquos LED Mirror TV
 Ultra Slim Wall Mount   $149.95  
 2 Year Extended Warranty   $699.95  
For frame options, see our Samsung page and Premium Gallery.

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