How to install your Vanity TV

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Parts List

Vanity Vision Mirror TV Install

Vanity Vision System
Circular Saw
Drill and Screws
Drill Bits
Level,Tape measure
Mirror Clips
Drywall Patch
Microfiber cloth for cleaning glass and TV.
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) - to prevent streaking of glass when cleaning.

 Measure where you want the unit placed.


Draw some guides on the wall and use your level.

Mirror TV install

Measure the size of the TV at the back at the system and outline your space that you will need to cut. Use the circular saw to cut into the drywall.

Mirror tv installation

Remove the stud.

Some TV's have an extra curve in the bottom. Leave space for the plastic bezel around the TV.

Measure where you need to cut your stud. Leave enough space for a connecting 2X4 to the other studs.

Completely measure your cuts and prepare space for building support for your 2X4s.

Use your chop saw to cut your supports.

Pre drill all your pieces so the smaller boards do not split.

Connect all boards supporting the TV.

Use the drywall patch to seal any holes or cuts.

The back of your TV installation should look like this.

Pre drill the mirror clips after measuring.

Prop the system in place and gently screw in your mirror clips.

Finished product.