Hidden Television Crate Instructions

Hidden Television Crate
Hidden Television White Glove Delivery
Hidden Television Carefully Carried On Treehouse Masters TV Show

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Shipped with liftgate delivery. We recommend having two strong people to move the crate, which is built to 29" wide to fit through most doorways. Please feel free to contact us with any special delivery instructions when you place your order.

You'll need a power drill with philips head for crates. Our complete system Framed Mirror TVs include a precharged power drill on the top of the crate for your convenience.

Any damage to contents should be noted on delivery receipt.

Samsung LED Mirror TVs, VanityVision Mirror TV System, or large stock sheet of TV Mirror will arrive by freight in a custom a-frame crate. In addition we attach a power drill to each crate for fast and easy opening. We have become experts in crating/shipping glass. Your product will be well packed to arrive safely.
If you notice ANY damage outside or inside the crate please have it noted on the delivery receipt for our claim against the carrier company. It is very rare if any of our shipments arrive damaged. Take pictures of the outside of the crate and inside of the crate. Refuse the crate after noting the damages. Give us a call at 419-842-4554 for further instructions.
The best way to open the crate will be to lean it back slightly on an angle so your television does not fall forward when opening the crate. You can achieve the angle by propping the crate up on two blocks. Make sure the angle is not too much so the crate would tip all the way backwards. Our Mirror TV crates include a pre-charged electric drill for easy opening. Depending on the size of your mirror TV having at least two people to carry it will be ideal. DO NOT turn the TV Mirror upside down. See image below on carrying instructions.
It is best to prop the television up-right against a soft surface. If you must lay the TV Mirror down be sure the surface is soft enough and the mirror side is down.

Have the 12volt adapter and all the television cords attached before hanging.

Connect Blinker to IR sensor of TV

IR repeater example from DIY project


Infrared Repeater Parts List

IR connector - connects the 12V power, IR emitter (blinker), and IR receiver (IR eye). 
Everything shown must be plugged in for your remote to function.

IR receiver - the eye must be positioned to have line-of-sight to your remote control.

IR emitter (blinker) - attach the blinker to the IR sensor of your TV


IR receiver--the eye looks for the signal from your remote, then passes it along to the IR emitter


12v adapter
12v power cord with breakout style adapter


Fully connected IR system shown here



Video Instructions


You can clean the TV mirror with standard cleaner and a soft microfiber clothe.