Order VanityVision TV Mirror


Maximum size:
Thickness: 3mm – 72″ x 84″
Thickness: 6mm – 96″ x 126″

Height *

Width *


Thickness *

Edge Work *
Each piece of mirror is sanded by default. Polished edges are only necessary if you want to go frame-less.

Edgework *

Tempering *
We only recommend tempering the mirror if it is required per the building code.

Lead Time

1 day until shipped

Lead Time

1 week until shipped

Order the mirror without the TV for your mirror TV project.

The VanityVision mirror is ideal for use as a large vanity mirror in your bathroom project. It reflects 70% of the light, for a brilliant reflection that people can use while putting on makeup or shaving. 25% of the light is transmitted through the mirror for a vivid picture quality that will amaze people.

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