Kit Instructions

Easy installation of your Hidden Television Frame Kit

Screws Hidden Television Frame Kit Instructions

#6 1/2" Screws

z-bar hanger

Z Bar Hanger

IR Repeater

IR System

Drill Hidden Television Kit Instructions

Drill (Not Included)

Aluminum Z Bars
  • Arrange aluminum z-bar hangers on top and sides of the television.
Z Bar How To Frame Your TV
  • Screw in the included Z-bar hangers around the edges of the TV.

Aluminum Channels
  • Image with all sides using the z bars. This particular television fit flush within the thick frame not needing the additional four sticks for the back build.
IR Eye Instructions
  • Once the IR is attached let the small IR eye hang down in order to communicate with the remote.
Power The IR and Test
  • Plug in your 5-volt adapter powering the system and test the television.
White Drift Wood Hidden Television Mirror TV
  • Test your television and turn off "Eco Mode". That will prevent the television from reading the light in the room and automatically adjusting the brightness. You can turn up the televisions brightness and back light in more reflective environments.