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You can easily add mirror TV products to your company's offerings using our dealer program. Our dealer program allows you to make a profit on each of our mirrors that you sell without maintaining an inventory. It's easy to get started. Simply fill out our application. We will review your information quickly and contact you with further information on discounts and placing orders. Our program is also an excellent option if you need to have products shipped directly to your customers. For even better discounts through quantity purchasing, please see our wholesale program below.

Dealer FAQ

Our dealer program allows your company to make a profit on low quantity orders which you are placing for your customers. We can ship directly to you or drop ship to your customer.

There are no strings to signing up for our dealer program: you are not required to order anything from us.

Joining our dealer program is $10 + shipping, and there is a $10 renewal fee each year to stay in the program.

There are no minimum orders, we accept purchases of any size from a sample mirror to an entire mirror TV.

For your convenience, you can still place orders on our website, and we also accept orders via email, fax, or phone.

We allow many different industries to join our program, including: audio/video installers, furniture builders, construction companies, interior designers, glass installers, retail stores, home builders, home renovators, architects, and many other types of companies.

Please let us know your showroom idea and we will work on getting you the best price available.

Once you sign up for our dealer program, we will send you a sample pack which includes many of our different types of glass. You will be able to hold the samples up in front of a TV, and turn it on and off to demonstrate the appearance.

We don't place any restrictions on how much you charge your customers. You can use our posted online prices as a reference but you aren't required to charge what we do.