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The mirror is 70% reflective, functioning exactly like a standard mirror. 30% of the light passes through, which is 3x more light than a standard two way mirror. Available in both glass and acrylic.

Order the smart mirror by itself, and combine it with any monitor, Rasberry Pi, or PC to make your own one of a kind smart mirror. Our VanityVision mirror is the leading technology of smart mirrors, allowing text and 4K graphics to flawlessly display through the tint-free mirror. Combine it with other technologies such as touch overlay, the Raspberry Pi, Intel ComputeStick, and Amazon Echo to enable touch capability, gesture control, and voice recognition. The mirror is 70% reflective, functioning exactly like a standard mirror. 30% of the light passes through, which is 3x more light than a standard two way mirror. Available in both glass and acrylic.

  • Smart Mirror DIY Project
  • Hidden Television Bathroom Vanity
  • Interactive Commercial Displays
  • Augmented Reality Displays
  • Digital signage & advertising
  • Touch overlay displays
  • Hidden Camera Recording
  • Home Monitoring & Security
  • High Quality Photobooth
  • Teleconferencing & Skype
  • Your choice of glass or acrylic
  • Superior optical quality
  • 70% Reflective, 30% Transparent
  • Close match to a standard mirror
  • Careful packaging & fully insured
  • Waterproof (Glass)
  • Works with touch overlay
  • Cuts like regular glass
  • Sanded edges for your protection
  • Clean with regular cleaner
  • Durable, scratch-resistant coating
  • Edges can be polished or beveled
  • Can be tempered for extra strength
  • Better quality than two way glass
  • Ships immediately
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Glass is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and a flatter mirror. The acrylic, while susceptible to scratching, provides better picture clarity, and is lighter and safer.
We start cutting and packaging the mirrors as soon as you place your order. Glass & acrylic mirrors are cut and shipped right away, and tempered glass takes 1 week until shipping. You can use our calculator to figure out the estimated ship date based on your location.
One of the best features of our mirrors is that they are extremely durable. You can clean them with standard glass cleaner and paper towels without worrying about scratching them.
Yes, many touch overlays work great on the non-mirror side of the glass. For great pricing, check out ebay or Ali Express.
The good smart mirrors are using the exact same glass that we sell. The rest are using the acrylic two way mirrors, which are a lower quality.

Compare Hidden Television TV Mirrors

Compare from left-to-right: 1. Glass Two Way Mirror 2. Smart Mirror VanityVision 3. Dielectric 4. Clear Glass

The first pane of glass on the left is two way mirror, which is mainly intended for security applications. Most of the light is lost through a two way mirror, so although it’s the more affordable option, investing in a glass with better light transmission will make a more vibrant smart mirror.

The second pane is our Vanity Vision Bathroom Mirror. It has the same stunning seventy percent reflection while allowing twenty-five percent light transmission. Vanity Vision glass works great in bathroom/bedroom conditions. This glass is what you need if you want a larger mirror and float a smaller TV/monitor within the glass. Its reflection overpowers the transparency. For example if you had a 3′ x 4′ vanity mirror and recessed a 28″ television into the wall, then the existing space around the television on the wall you would paint black. With the TV screen and the wall being black it then gives a disappearing effect.

Third and final glass is our Dielectric Mirror. This mirror is our most transparent smart mirror and is perfect for very bright room conditions. It allows sixty percent light transmission through the glass with a forty percent reflection. It allows for full HD picture quality with an optically neutral tint free coating. Dielectric is perfect for framing exactly to the view-able area of your monitor or television.

The most popular option for Smart Mirror products is our VanityVision. If you are looking for a low-budget option, the Acrylic Two Way Mirror is a good substitute in small sizes less than 24″x36″.